The Sexy Six Week Checkup

Posted on: April 27, 2017 | Postpartum

So you’ve been home with your brand new little one for a few weeks now.

After about six weeks your body is on the road to recovery and it’s almost time for your six week postpartum checkup. Since everyone’s body recovers at it’s own pace, this six week checkup can vary and you might even find that your recovery is a little further ahead or behind than you expected.

This doctor’s visit can actually be sexy.

Sexy? That’s right, we said sexy.

When you hit the six week point, your postpartum doctor’s visit can give you the green light to turn on some intimacy with your partner. This time frame is a good milestone to gauge how your recovery is going and if your body is ready to reignite your sex life and start rebuilding your postpartum body confidence.

Postpartum bleeding is one of the bigger factors that’s keeping your postpartum recovery sex-free and once this bleeding stops your doctor can give you the green light to get frisky. If you’re bleeding from your birth, you are more at risk for infection, which makes this medical clearance very important.

 What if you just aren’t feeling into it?

That’s actually a normal feeling for tons of mothers. After six weeks of adjusting to life as a new mom, caring for your baby, nursing or bottle feeding round’ the clock, and running on coffee, you might not be ready to have sex with your partner. Who can blame you? Also, the changing hormones in your body after birth may contribute to a lower libido and even vaginal dryness. Neither of which makes anyone feel particularly in the mood.

The temporary celibacy may cause some tension between you and some emotional stress if you begin thinking that there’s something wrong. But the six week checkup will give you some added peace of mind that everything you’re experiencing is normal, and your care provider can help give you the resources you need to feel comfortable and confident with your physical and emotional progress to this point.

Reactivating your sex life means you’ll need to consider family planning.

“Family planning? But I just had a baby!”


If you aren’t ready to have another, you may want to consider your birth control options. Starting up hormonal birth control may give you some more predictability in terms of when to expect the return of your period. Hormonal birth control is not your only option, though: barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragms, and sponges or one of the various Fertility Awareness Methods can be your primary forms of birth control, if you are uncomfortable with or unable to use hormonal birth control.  If you aren’t planning on growing your family any time soon, an IUD can offer several years of protection and is available with or without hormones.

It’s important to keep dialogue honest and open with your partner about how you’re feeling, and to listen to your body as you figure out what is comfortable along the way. Don’t feel like you have to rush if you’re not feeling quite ready just yet. And, when you do decide the time is right, don’t skimp on the lube!

 There’s no need to be nervous about your recovery, with your six week checkup right around the corner.

Your appointment is an opportunity to jump start your confidence, to feel empowered and in control of your postpartum recovery and the transition towards your new normal.

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