Packing Your Hospital Bag

Posted on: April 19, 2017 | Birth, Parenting

As you get everything ready in those last few weeks of your pregnancy, packing your hospital bag is an important part of the process.

Your hospital bag keeps all the comforts of home at your fingertips for you and your partner. Many families pack their hospital bag ahead of time and keep it ready to go for when labor begins. This bag offers parents some valuable peace of mind, keeping important belongings ready and waiting, leaving nothing to scramble around to pack last minute.

It might be common knowledge that you’ll need a bag of necessities when you’re off to the hospital, but what on earth should you pack?

We put a guide together for parents who are ready to pack their hospital bag with all the things they need and none of the clutter they don’t.

 Your Necessities

These are items that you’ll likely need for your baby’s delivery and comfort in labor and throughout your hospital stay. These must-haves in your hospital bag will keep you and your partner comfortable. Before packing, contact your hospital or birth center to find out what items might be provided for you, as this will help you pack a bit lighter.

  • Insurance information, birth plan if you have one, and any hospital forms you need.
  • 2-3 Pairs of nonskid warm socks that you won’t mind getting dirty as you walk around.
  • A warm sweater or robe, especially one you don’t mind getting a little messy.
  • Underwire-free maternity bra/tanks and nursing pads.
  • Lip balm! You’d be surprised how much you’ll wish you had some lip balm should you forget it.
  • Toiletries and personal items: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, face wipes, etc.
  • Soft headbands, ponytail bands, and any hair accessories that will keep your hair manageable and comfortably off your face.
  • Hard candy to keep your mouth moist during labor.
  • Cell phone charger. Get one specifically for your bag so you don’t forget.
  • Change of comfy clothes. Plan for at least 2 days in addition to some comfy pajamas.
  • Baby’s first outfit: you need to bring them home clothed and ready for some photo op’s!
  • Change for vending machines. You never know!
  • Clothes and toiletries for your partner. Sometimes it’s easier to pack a bag just for them. Don’t forget snacks!
  • Your baby’s car seat to take them safely home.

If you’re encapsulating your placenta

If you’re planning to encapsulate your placenta, our postpartum placenta specialists will equip you with a transport and spill kit that folds flat to fit right in your bag so you can safely bring your placenta home. We walk you through the whole process and keep it very simple. Having a kit ready to go will make the placenta transport easy, as well as free from stress and potential mess.


Not quite necessities, these extras help many women feel more comfortable through the different phases of labor. If you feel more comfortable in your birth space, you will radiate confidence to your partner and feel more prepared and in control.

  • Extra pillows. If you bring a pillow, it should have a colorful case to distinguish it from hospital pillows.
  • Exercise ball, if your hospital does not provide them. This will help you with labor positions if you choose to change it up.
  • Gift for your hospital nurses, midwife, or OB. Just a token that says thank you for helping me have the best birth experience possible.
  • Large bath towels. The ones provided in the hospital are usually thin, small and not very comfortable.
  • Heavy flow sanitary pads. The ones provided at the hospital get the job done but again, aren’t the most comfy.
  • Magazines to keep you or your partner busy. Birth is often a waiting game so stay entertained.
  • Warm blanket. Hospital blankets are thin and chances are you’ll need a bunch to stay comfortable.
  • Push present for your partner. An extra surprise to make the day even more special.
No matter what you pack for your baby’s birth, pack light and keep it simple.

You aren’t packing for a cruise to the Bahamas, so you won’t need 3 suitcases of supplies. Keep your birth bag personalized to your needs and you’ll be able to feel prepared while traveling to your big day!

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