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You might have heard about Spring Cleaning. . .

But what about Spring Nesting?

From March 26th to April 1st, it’s National Spring Cleaning Week, so we’re hard at work sprucing up our spaces. With the change of seasons, everyone seems to get an itch to clean and reorganize to warmly welcome Spring with a clean slate. After all, Spring is about renewal. Nesting is a similar feeling and it can be a really comforting and empowering experience for expectant or adoptive parents.

Nesting can be simple or extravagant, but in essence it’s a natural urge or desire to prepare the space around you for the arrival of your new baby in a safe environment. Some mothers nest by preparing their nursery space and organizing their baby supplies, while others nest by cleaning their house top to bottom.

Either way, channeling the urge to nest is a good thing! You can give yourself a constructive distraction that’s comforting as you reach those last stages of pregnancy, and it might even work as a way to keep calm and collected during early labor.

Some Assembly Required

When a bird nests, they’re doing an awful lot of construction. It’s not easy to build a nest from scratch, but it still has to get done. Both parents can nest by assembling baby furniture or strollers. Although it can be tedious and a little troublesome, it’s definitely a constructive way to pass the time. Stuck at home and feeling crafty? Why not assemble a custom organizer to fit baby items or stuffed animals in the nursery? We live in the glorious age of Pinterest DIY and there’s a ton of do-it-yourself projects to help you outfit your nursery space with fashion and function. In need of some inspiration? Drop by our Pinterest boards to get the creative juices flowing!

Nesting isn’t always about cleaning or decorating either.

You know your space better than anyone else, and nesting isn’t the same for everyone. Lots of expectant parents nest by preparing freezer meals ahead so their family is fully stocked when they bring home their new little one. If you feel at peace while you’re baking, try whipping up a batch of lactation cookies during the waiting game of early labor or some energy bars or cookies that you can bring along to the hospital for you, your partner, and your birth team.

Don’t Be Shy, Nest Your Way

However you choose to nest before baby, there’s plenty to keep you busy at home and help you feel more ready to welcome baby. As with any other physical activity in pregnancy, always do what’s comfortable for you. One person’s nesting strategy isn’t the right fit for everyone else, but some suggestions from a friend might get the ball rolling and have you feeling a little extra productive while you’re preparing your home and nest.

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