In-Home Placenta Encapsulation

Posted on: November 30, 2016 | Placenta Encapsulation

In-home encapsulation is gaining ground as the safest practice for processing and encapsulating placentas by certified industry professionals.

Encapsulating placentas in the client’s home provides families with a safe, quality product prepared with unparalleled attention to detail, so that they can feel confident incorporating the capsules into their postpartum recovery.

Placenta encapsulation is still a misunderstood process and there are measures of doubt and incredulity from the general public when addressing the subject. Traditionally, most encapsulators have picked up placentas from clients in the hospital, transported them to their own homes for processing, and then returned to their clients with a jar of capsules. Naturally, this has led many to question how they can know for sure what happened during the process, that what they are receiving is in fact their placenta, that it was transported and stored safely while awaiting processing.

Eliminating Doubt

Unfortunately, in an industry that is not currently regulated, training and safety standards are difficult to guarantee from one encapsulator to the next, and it is not unheard of for clients to receive capsules from the wrong placenta, placentas getting left in cars on hot summer days while the transporter runs errands, and even placentas being stored in the company refrigerator until the encapsulator could find time to get it to their home.

In-home encapsulation eliminates any doubts by letting clients maintain full custody and awareness of where their placenta is and being involved throughout the entire process according to their own comfort levels. With Boston Placenta’s in-home encapsulation practices, your placenta is prepared in the comfort of your own home, providing full transparency in the process. Your placenta and only yours will be present. It will be handled with care and respect. All capsules will be made from your placenta. Guaranteed.

Safety Standards

In-home encapsulation is an important measure to ensure a safe and clean environment for placenta processing. Your home contains your very own microbiome, populated with bacteria your body is already familiar with. Processing the placenta elsewhere can mean introducing germs unfamiliar to you and your family into the process. Furthermore, the placenta is an organ and, as such, is in essence a meat product that should be handled with the same degree of care and discretion as perishable food. Proper storage temperature is crucial, and all tools and surfaces to be used must be sanitized before and after the process or be single use to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Our Postpartum Placenta Specialists (PPS) take pride in their dedication to upholding the highest safety standards in the industry. They are extensively trained and certified, not only in the history and hands-on practices surrounding placenta products and services, but also in OSHA guidelines for the handling of bloodborne pathogens.


Some families are intrigued by the encapsulation process and others prefer to take a backseat. Either way, we fully respect our clients’ personal preferences and comfort levels. If you choose to observe or participate in the different stages of the process, your PPS can give you a thorough understanding about the reasons and need for each step, as well as how holding to high standards in our methods and equipment selection benefits you. Clients can also be reassured that each step is being done meticulously and the environment is being properly sanitized. Even for those who don’t wish to participate, they can be reassured that Boston Placenta’s specialists will treat their placenta and home with the same comprehensive attention to detail as if they were monitoring the process regardless. Plus, they are conveniently nearby anyway should they change their minds or any questions arise.

Additional Postpartum Support

While your placenta is being encapsulated, your PPS is a wealth of knowledge on postpartum recovery and resources. PPS live and breathe postpartum knowledge and are always eager to give parents information or refer them to resources that may help speed their recovery or ease the transition home with a new baby. Take advantage of having a veritable postpartum encyclopedia in your own home and feel comfortable asking all those questions that come to mind.

Even after they leave your home, our PPS will check in with you multiple times throughout the following weeks: offering as much gentle guidance and reassurance as you may need while navigating your new normal.

Placenta consumption as a postpartum recovery tool has been around for centuries, but the standards for safety are changing for the better.

Our team is certified and experienced to meet the needs of every family, holding to the highest standards in order to produce a quality, safe, all-natural product for recovering postpartum moms.

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