Beyond the Capsules

Posted on: April 7, 2017 | Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum

The incredible benefits of the placenta don’t just come from capsules.

Salves and Tinctures can also be made with the nourishing properties of your placenta. If you’re having your placenta encapsulated, talk to your specialist to find out how adding salves and tinctures to your postpartum placenta routine can improve your recovery experience.

Benefits of Placenta Salves

The use of placenta in skincare remedies has been documented since at least the 1930s. It is still possible to find a variety of anti-aging skin and haircare products containing animal placental extract. At Boston Placenta, our salves are organic, free from the harsh chemicals or fillers that can be found in many cosmetics, and have a wide range of external uses. Plus, they are made with your own placenta, not that of an animal. Salves can be a great natural alternative for many topical treatments to heal after birth. These balms can improve skin’s elasticity and promote the healing of scar tissue from Cesarean incisions and perineal tears (once wounds have closed and stitches dissolved). Aside from birth-related healing, placenta salves can be soothing remedies for minor cuts, burns, and even more persistent skin conditions like dryness and rashes.

Aside from your placenta, our salves are made with a variety of soothing and healing natural oils and herbs, including coconut, sweet almond, comfrey, calendula, and lavender. Herbal salves can also be made without placenta to help give your delicate postpartum skin some relief with natural ingredients that you can trust. With or without placenta, these herbal salves can be a great tool for any new mom’s postpartum recovery plan.

Benefits of Tinctures

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid extracts you take orally. They take several weeks to infuse and fully mature for use. The high quality alcohol used as solvent in placenta tinctures allows the properties of the placenta to be completely infused in the liquid and acts as a preservative. These alcohol-based tinctures have an unlimited shelf life when stored properly.

You can use your placenta tincture to get many of the same benefits of the capsules for months and years after your capsules are all gone. This extract may prove especially helpful in finding more balance during uncomfortable hormonal and emotional shifts, such as the return of your cycle after pregnancy or during weaning. Your placenta can be a great tool to speed up your postpartum recovery, physically and emotionally, making this tincture a great addition to your postpartum routine.

Placenta encapsulation isn’t the only way to harness the power of your placenta.

If you’re looking to supplement your encapsulation journey, our tinctures and salves are a step in the right direction. Feel more confident and in control of your postpartum recovery with all-natural products, crafted especially to nourish you.

We’re here to supply new parents with the tools they need to naturally find balance through their postpartum experience.

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